At Sonoran Serenity Spa & Holistic Wellness Center we offer a variety of treatments for the entire being: face, mind, body and spirit.  For information on our offerings, take a look below.  
Facial Treatments:
We offer a variety of facial treatments to address every skin concern from the relaxing spa facial to results-oriented peels. We are proud to utilize the following professional skincare lines in our treatment room as well as for retail sale:  Skin Script, Le Mieux and PurErb. 

Skin Script is a natural, botanical line that is very reasonably priced and delivers excellent results.  Their line of cleansers, serums, scrubs and moisturizers is diverse and top notch.

Le Mieux is a line that is known for its serums, they are called "The Serum Authority".  Anti-aging is at the top of the list for Le Mieux, almost all of their products list hyaluronic acid as the first ingredient and all have great antioxidants and botanicals.  Peptides are in many products as well.

PurErb has transformed the therapeutic secrets of Mother Earth into herbology-based aromatherapy and skin care that will nurture your skin and resonate deep within your inner being.  Each herbology-based formulation presents a luxurious feast for the senses while nurturing body, mind, and spirit.

Some of our most popular facial treatments are our Dermaplaning Facial, Sonoran Serenity Signature Facial, The Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial and the PurErb Exotic Voyage Facial.

For detailed information on our facials, please follow this link to our full menu and select Facials.
We offer 60 and 90 minute relaxation (Swedish) and therapeutic massage as well as prenatal, Himalayan Salt Stone, and a variety of specialty massages utilizing aromatherapy and advanced techniques at Sonoran Serenity Spa, to address all our clients' concerns.  All of our massage therapists are unique in style.  The front desk can help you choose the best therapist for the massage experience that you are looking for.

For detailed information on our massages, please follow this link to our full menu and select Massage.

Combination Treatments:
Can't decide on a facial or massage?  Do a combo treatment!  These are some of our most popular treatments in both 90 minutes as well as 2 hours of complete relaxation.

For detailed information on our combo treatments, please follow this link to our full menu and select Combination.
Body Treatments:
At Sonoran Serenity Spa we believe in treating the whole body, not just the face. We offer salt scrubs, a rejuvenating back facial and body peels.

For detailed information on our body treatments, please follow this link to our full menu and select Body Services.
Tinting is a semi-permanent way to darken your brows thereby eliminating the use of makeup. You'll be amazed at how this brightens up your whole face! We do not use hair color, we use only special dye that is safe for use on the brows. Depending on hair growth, your tint will last from 3-6 weeks.

For detailed information on brow tinting, please follow this link to our full menu and select Eyebrows.
Waxing is a temporary hair removal technique that will reduce the need for shaving for weeks! Great for the face and body, you will be pleased at the results. Either hard or soft wax will be used, depending on the area being waxed and the sensitivity of the client. Hair grows at different rates, so depending on this, your waxing treatment will last from 3-6 weeks. The more you wax, the slower your hair grows.

For detailed information on waxing, please follow this link to our full menu and select Waxing.