What if I want a Therapeutic Massage, Prenatal Massage, a 2 hour or 90 minute Combo (massage/facial) or a 90 minute massage, etc.?

You can do that one of two ways:

1- In the case of a combo: use the monthly credit as the 1 hour massage and use the 20% discount on the facial

2 - In the case of wanting a longer service or an upgraded service in most cases, you can use your credit to cover the 1st 60 minutes of the massage and combine it with the appropriate Add-On to make the service you like (such as prenatal, raindrop, hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy, etc.)

  • If you’re booking on the phone, just tell the receptionist what you’d like to do and we can schedule it whichever way works best for you
  • If you’re booking online-book for the full version of the treatment you want (so the system blocks out the correct amount of time), and we can change it for you when you get here, if you let us know you want to use your monthly credit