30 minute-5-Therapy Restoration & Integration Treatment - $30

This treatment combines Far Infrared Heat Therapy*, Negative Ion Therapy**, Crystal Therapy***, Acoustic Massage****, and Brainwave Entrainment***** in a deeply relaxing and restorative 30m experience where you will feel warmth penetrate deeply into your tissues while you not only hear, but FEEL the music move through you. Feel free to allow your mind to float or even take a restorative power nap.

Excellent for relief of stress, pain, stiffness, and inflammation; to clear your system and recharge from modern life; support your immune system, digestion, and mental health.

30m-regular price $40.00, does not include any hand-on services. Client will be settled as comfortably as possible on the table and then may be left alone for the treatment period.


*Far Infrared Heat Therapy has been extensively studied, with the following benefits being noted: Improved health for Cardiovascular and Autoimmune patients; Reduction of pain and stiffness, including chronic pain; Reduction of blood pressure; Improvement in menstrual cramps

**Negative Ions are emitted by the Amethyst and Tourmaline stones in the BioMat.They occur spontaneously in nature, especially after a storm or next to running water, and are considered relaxing and restoring.

***Crystal Therapy-the BioMat contains a 17+ pounds of amethyst and a tourmaline layer, which not only generatenegative ions but have therapeutic value of themselves.People have reported reduction in headaches, improved digestive health, healthier immune systems, and even improvement in mental health issues, including addiction.

****Acoustic Massage is a cellular level massage created by low frequency sound waves.The AcousticMat emits low frequency sound pulses in the 30-68Hz and 52-88Hz ranges to promote healing, relaxation, and restoration

*****Brainwave Entrainment is the use of sound (music) at specific intervals to promote healthy brainwave response.Our bodies and brains will ‘tune’ to our environment-the AcousticMat has music intentionally created to let us ‘tune’ to healthy and desirable frequencies to support relaxation, healing, even deeper sleep.

In order to receive the January special price, appointment must be booked for January 1 - January 31. Discount will be applied during appointment checkout.