Facial: Dermaplaning Facial - 60-75 minutes - $115 - Save $15

Dermaplaning is an advanced exfoliation technique that utilizes a surgical blade to remove the cornified layers of the epidermis and vellus hair. It is very effective for low grade acne, skin wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, dry skin and aging skin. Benefits include softening of skin texture and tone, minimizing pores and congestion, reducing hyperpigmentation, skin brightening, collagen stimulation, reduction of fine lines, removal of vellus hair and excess oil. In addition, it aids in the optimum penetration of products and cell turnover. The Dermaplaning Facial includes an additional enzyme exfoliation prior to the dermaplane procedure and a treatment mask following. The Dermaplaning Facial treatment includes two cleanses, a gentle enzyme exfoliation,extractions if needed and wanted, dermaplaning procedure, a soothing gel treatment mask with soothing ice globe massage, treatment serums and moisturizer/SPF.

The length of this facial is between 60 and 75 minutes depending on the client's skin.

*Please note that dermaplaning is only suitable in areas of fine vellus hairs; we do not dermaplane heavier/coarser textures of hair(androgenic facial hair typical of men's beards, mustaches, etc.) .If you have questions regarding hair texture, please let us know when you call to book.

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