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What can I expect from my massage session?

You will be asked to undress down to your comfort level. The modesty and comfort of our clients is of the utmost importance. You will be draped with a sheet and only the areas of the body being worked will be exposed. In the intake form, you will be asked to identify any areas of the body that you do not wish to be worked, for example, gluteal tissue, pectorals, stomach, feet, hands, etc. In addition, you will be asked to identify areas of muscle tightness or areas you wish the therapist to focus on.

What can I expect from my facial?

You will be asked to undress down to your comfort level and put on a spa wrap and head wrap. You will then get under a sheet and blanket lying face up on the treatment bed. The facial typically includes two cleanses, and enzyme exfoliation, extractions if needed, facial massage, final mask and treatment serums, followed by moisturizer and SPF. These steps may vary depending on the type of facial.

What is the difference between Hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe, and efficient tool with distinct ethical boundaries employed by a Certified Hypnotherapist who has had at least 100 hours of combined education, experience, and supervision. It has the specific purpose of helping a client reach their mental, emotional, and/or physical goals.

Stage hypnosis is usually a rather abrupt process used for the purpose of entertainment.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypno (from hypnosis-a trance state similar to sleep) + therapy (a treatment for dis-ease, or something rehabilitating or stress relieving)

Hypnosis is a safe, natural state that we all go in and out of multiple times every day (like that zoned out feeling when you watch TV and relax, that ‘in-between’ place when you wake up or fall asleep, or when you get a massage).

Through intentional deep relaxation and establishing a therapeutic trance state, the hypnotherapist and client can directly affect the client’s subconscious programming and redirect it to improve the client’s daily life experience. Hypnotherapy has been shown to be effective for pain management, behavior change (releasing cigarettes or other addictions, and/or other non-productive behaviors), self-esteem & boundaries, anxiety, depression, negative self-talk, negative attachments to things or people, and much more.

Modern Hypnotherapy has been documented as a practical and efficient means of treatment for well over 100 years.

What is Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery?

If you’re ready to release things that don’t serve you and change your perspective and choices more quickly and with less pain than traditional conscious methods, hypnotherapy is perfect for you.

In our 1 hour session, we'll do some basic discovery and then plan & conduct a 30+/- minute hypnosis session to get you on the road to More Joy and Less Suffering. Some goals can absolutely be achieved in a single session, and others are best treated over time with multiple sessions.*

* Note that in addition to the single session described here, sessions can be prepaid as a series of 4 for a discount.* l

What can I expect from my waxing service?

Currently, we only perform face and underarm waxing. Areas to be waxed will be pretreated, waxed, then post treated with the appropriate calming products as needed.

What can I expect from my body treatment?

You will be asked to undress down to your comfort level. For women, typically the bra is removed. Panties may stay on at your discretion. You will be asked to lay face down under a sheet for a body polish/scrub. Your modesty and comfort is of the utmost importance. Only areas of the body being worked on will be undraped.

Do you offer any prenatal services?

Yes! We offer a special Prenatal massage for any trimester of pregnancy. The massage is performed side-lying with plenty of pillows and bolsters for comfort. Note: we do not have a table with holes for the pregnant belly. Those types of tables put too much stress on the body.

In addition to massage, we also have a number of facials that would be appropriate for the pregnant woman. Book a Sonoran Serenity Signature Facial and mention in the comments that you are pregnant. We will design a facial just for you.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Traditional Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes powerful healing. It is a fully clothed modality, and may or may not include touch. Reiki promotes a deeply relaxed state, increased healing and an overall sense of well-being.Most clients report feeling relaxed, calm, more rested, and a reduction in pain; and more than one client noted that they 'looked 5 years younger' after this treatment.