Flexible ways to use your membership credit for a Massage

These need to be done manually by reception staff-feel free to call for more information or to make an appointment.

1 Membership credit = 1h Relaxing Massage - PLUS:

  • Want 90 minutes? Ask for the +30m Relaxing Massage Add On $35.00*
  • Want a Therapeutic massage? Ask for the Deep Tissue Upgrade $20.00
  • Prefer a Salt Stone Massage? Ask for the Salt Stone Upgrade $20.00
  • Want the Raindrop Experience? Ask for the Raindrop Add On $60.00*
  • Need Prenatal Massage? Ask for the Prenatal Upgrade $15.00
  • Want to use your credit(s) toward the 2h Combo (facial and massage)? Book as two separate services (1h Relax Massage, 1h Signature Facial) and use your credit on one and get 20% off the 2nd service (totals 1 credit + $$88) OR If you have roll-over credits, book as 2 services (1h Relax Massage, 1h Signature Facial) and use a credit for each (total of 2 credits)
  • Want a 90minute Therapeutic massage? Ask for the Deep Tissue Upgrade + the +30m Add on (total= $55.00)

And you can, as always, add any of the following upgrades to your massage:

  • CBD Aromatherapy Oil Upgrade $20.00
  • Tranquility or Uplifting Aromatherapy Oil Upgrade $15.00
  • Add a Face massage $10.00*
  • Add a Foot Scrub $10.00*
  • Add an Exotic Scalp Massage $20.00*

*Note: these Add-Ons add between 10 and 30 minutes to your service and must be booked ahead to ensure there is enough time available

And you can combine Add Ons/Upgrades (example: you can have a 90 minute relaxing massage with the CBD Aromatherapy oil – by adding the 30m Add On and the CBD Upgrade – Total of $50.00 + 1 credit).

And, of course, you can simply choose to use your credit on a basic facial or massage-and get any other stand alone service on our menu at 20% off. It’s like being able to pick your special, every month.

Or you can share your membership with a family member or friend (up to 2, total of 3 including you to any one membership)…and give the ongoing gift of an hour of self care to that person while you enjoy the 20% off whatever you normally like to book.

A Note About Tipping:

Please remember that tips are calculated from the full original price of the services received (as opposed to the discounted or member prices).

Your providers truly appreciate your tips. You can tip on your card or (if you want to take extra good care of your favorite person) in cash. The receptionist is happy to help you if you have any questions, etc.