Membership FAQ

How much is the membership?

Sonoran Serenity (S3) Month-to-Month Membership:

- Membership is currently $90 per month

What if I don’t want a monthly payment?

If you prefer not to bill monthly or would like to give membership as a gift, you can pre-purchase 6 or 12 months of our S3 Membership

    • 6 Month option is $557 ($540 + one time $35 convenience fee)
    • 12 Month option is $1115 ($1080 + one time $35 convenience fee)

What are the member benefits?

Our full membership benefits are listed on the membership page under Membership Terms and Benefits . Here is a short list of the main benefits:

Sonoran Serenity (S3) Month-to-Month Membership:

* One (1) credit per month-entirely covers any single service from the following list:

  • Relaxation Massage - 60 minute
  • Sonoran Serenity Signature Facial (60 minutes)
  • Reiki - Chakra Clearing and Balancing with Kiera
  • Hypnotherapy with Kiera
  • Yoga Nidra with Kat
  • Tarot with Reiki with Kiera
  • Transformational Polarity with Claire

* Discounts to additional full-priced services & products

What if I want a service not on the list (see above)?

We’ve built our Memberships to be as flexible as possible, here are some options for you:

  1. You can always use your 15% ‘Additional Services’ discount for any applicable service (for any service that falls below the price threshold outlined in the membership terms and/or 1 hour threshold, this is your only option). In the case of the Combination Relaxation Massage + Spa Facial - use one monthly credit as the 1 hour massage and take 15% off the full price of the facial (or vice versa); or save up more than one monthly credit and use two (2) credits to cover the entire 2 hour service.
  2. In the case of wanting a longer service or an upgraded service in most cases, you can use your credit to cover the 1st 60 minutes of the service (massage/facial/wellness service) and combine it with the appropriate Upgrade/Add On to make the service you like (such as prenatal, raindrop, hot stone, deep tissue, aromatherapy, body scrub or wellness session, etc. (note that Upgrades/Add Ons are not subject to discount))
  • If you’re booking on the phone, just tell the front desk staff what you’d like to do and we can schedule it whichever way works best for you
  • If you’re booking online-book for the full version of the treatment(s) you want (so the system blocks out the correct amount of time), and we can adjust it for you when you get here, if you let us know you want to use your monthly credit

Can I share the membership benefits?

We allow up to 2 additions per membership. Meaning any 2 people you wish to add to your membership must exist in our system with their own client file. This meaning their own name, phone number, email, and their own method of payment on file (to protect you in the case of a late-cancel appointment or no call/no show).

Guests not added to your membership are not entitled to any member benefits.

Do Member Credits Expire?

Yes. As stated in in the Membership Agreement you'll be required to read and sign upon joining, a member can only accumulate a maximum of 6 Credits. Meaning that as the 7th Credit populates into that account on your billing cycle, the earliest of the series will expire.

It is for this reason that we allow members to use their credits for a wide range of treatments as well as having a maximum of 2 addition people on their membership at no extra monthly fee.

Can the membership be frozen? Or should I just cancel and restart at a later date?

For the S3 month-to-month membership we do have a freeze option for $20.00 per month. You won’t accrue new credits or be able to use any membership benefits, but you won’t automatically lose your existing credits (or your monthly price in the case of a price increase).

Only you can decide the cost/benefit of freezing vs canceling/restarting, but please note that any unused credits expire after 30 days from cancellation date.

The 12 month and 6 month prepaid memberships cannot be frozen.

Can I pay for my membership with a gift card/certificate or cash?

For the month-to-month memberships: the system only allows payments via credit or debit card. You are more than welcome to use a Sonoran Serenity Spa gift card/certificate or cash to pay for any additional services, upgrades/add-ons, or products.

For the 12 and 6 month prepaid memberships: you can pay with credit, debit, S3 gift card/certificate or cash, as you prefer. However, the system still requires a card on file for all memberships, regardless of how you choose to pay initially.

Note that we do not accept SpaFinder, SpaWeek, or SpaWish cards for any membership payments.

How do I cancel my membership?

We require 30 days notice via EMAIL ONLY to

You may call to follow up on a cancellation request but we will not start the process until we have your written statement for our records.

Once we have received your 30 days notice request to cancel, there will be one final charge on your usual charge date.

After the initial 30 days are up, the discounts will be discontinued but you will be granted an additional 30 days (60 total from your request to cancel) to utilize any unused Member Credits before they expire. These cannot be exchanged, credited back, or refunded.

Upon receiving your request to cancel your membership, you will be sent an email with the specific terms and dates of when your cancellation will go into effect and when your Member Credits expire.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact the spa at 480-SPA-DAYS/480-772-3297 and our front desk staff will be happy to answer any other questions.