Flexible ways to use your membership credit for a Facial

These need to be done manually by reception staff-feel free to call for more information or to make an appointment.

1 Membership credit = 1h Sonoran Signature Facial - PLUS:

  • Want a Dermaplaning Facial? Ask for the Dermaplaning Upgrade $20.00*
  • Want a Blueberry Botanical Acne Facial? Ask for the High Frequency Add-On $10.00
  • Want a Clear Complexion Acne Facial? Ask for the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Add-On $10.00
  • Want the Desert Oasis Hydration Facial? Ask for the Desert Hydration Upgrade $15.00*
  • Want the Sun Brightening & Damage Repair Facial? Ask for the Sun Brightening Upgrade $20.00*
  • Want the Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial? Ask for the Anti-Aging Facial Upgrade $25.00*

And you can, as always, add any of the following upgrades to your facial:

  • Anti-Aging Eye Treatment Mask $15.00
  • Detoxifying or Depuffing Eye Mask $10.00
  • Collagen Neck Mask $20.00
  • Lip Treatment Mask $10.00
  • Add a Foot Scrub $10.00*
  • Add an Exotic Scalp Massage $10.00*
  • High Frequency Facial Add-On $10.00*
  • LED Light Treatment Facial Add-On $25.00
  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Add-On $10.00

*Note that these Add-Ons add between 10 and 15 minutes to your service and must be booked ahead to ensure there is enough time available

A Note About Tipping:

Please remember that tips are calculated from the regular retail price of the services received (as opposed to the discounted or member prices).

Your providers truly appreciate your tips. You can tip on your card or (if you want to take extra good care of your favorite person) in cash. The receptionist is happy to help you if you have any questions, etc.