Applies to all non-member and member appointments:

- Cancellations must be made by phone/voicemail (480-772-3297) or email to:

- Appointments may be canceled without charge up to 12 hours prior to scheduled time.

- If between 12 and 2 hours prior from the appointment, clients may cancel for 50% of the full (if previously discounted) price of their service(s).

- If canceling within 2 hours or if a client "no-shows" an appointment, they can expect to be charged the full (if previously discounted) price of their service(s).

- Our practitioners are paid by the service, not by the hour. In observance of both our practitioners' and clients' time, if we have not been able to reach or hear from a client running 15minutes late, we reserve the right to either cancel or shorten the appointment. This does not guarantee a lower price point.

- Member Credits or gift certificates/cards may not be used as payment for a missed or late-cancelled appointment.

- If a service was "prepaid" (as set by the terms of the service on our site), the balance may be used to cover the missed appointment.

- We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for clients engaging in or asking for inappropriate or illegal behavior/services. Any lapse in showing due respect to our staff will result in the following: your service will end immediately, you will be asked to leave, and the card on file will be charged the full amount of the booked service. We will also blacklist your name in our system and the authorities may also be notified.

- Please keep in mind that our cancellation policy still applies to appointments booked on behalf of other people.